What is TOU? 


Between the hours of 4-9 pm, when most people use the majority of their electricity, your energy will cost you more.  To keep your family’s utility costs down, TOU requires that you reduce the use of your electricity during these hours of the day. You must decide if this rate change is best for your family or SDG&E will do it for you!

With certain limited exceptions, SDG&E will try to move ALL their residential customers to TOU rates, including solar customers whose systems were officially connected before March 30th, 2018 and are grandfathered into their current tiered rate structure.  

Based on our analysis, Baker believes that staying on your current rate may be more beneficial for most solar customers who are grandfathered.   However, we encourage you to do your own analysis to ensure optimal energy cost savings. 

If you ultimately decide to remain at your current rate, here’s what you do:


When you receive notification from SDG&E** about this rate change, choose 1 of the 3 following options:


1. Call SDG&E residential customer service at 1.877.558.1674, and ask to remain on your current rate structure.

2. When you receive notification from SDG&E via mail, return the “I’M READY TO CHOOSE MY PRICING PLAN” insert with the “I want to remain on my current plan” option selected.  See example below

3. Log in to your SDG&E account at https://myaccount.sdge.com, click on to “Compare Pricing Plan” and follow the instructions that allow you to select remaining on your current plan. 


Choosing your plan before SDG&E notification


If you choose to opt-out of TOU before you receive your SDG&E notice (and you have that right), you can notify them of your decision by:

1. Sending a letter with your account information to SDG&E stating your intention to remain on your current tiered rate structure.

P.O. Box 129831 
San Diego, CA 92112-9831

2. Or call SDG&E residential customer service at 1.877.558.1674.


If you have specific SDG&E rate structure questions, contact us at:



If you have friends or family who are current Solar Homeowners, please pass this information along to them!


** Note:  You have the option to lock in your current rate prior to receiving your TOU notice from SDG&E.