Solar Certainty Program

A More Accurate Home Valuation for Real Estate Agents, Home Sellers and Buyers

Baker Electric Solar announces its new Solar Certainty ™ Program

Baker Electric Solar, a full-service solar company, is announcing its new Solar Certainty ™ Program. It’s a comprehensive technical inspection service intended to certify the overall condition and performance of an existing residential solar system.  With this information, real estate agents and home sellers can now more confidently determine a home’s accurate and fair value. In addition, home buyers will know precisely the state of the solar system they’re buying and what they can expect for monthly electricity production.    

According to Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and the US Department of Energy, high-performing solar systems add approximately 7% to the value of a home. The challenge for realtors, sellers and buyers has been official validation of the condition and the worth installed systems bring to the total value of a home. The Solar Certainty ™ Program meets that challenge with a staff who bring years of solar design, installation and maintenance experience.


“With over 6500 solar installations, Baker is uniquely positioned to deliver the technical expertise required to inspect and certify any existing system. Solar adds real value to property but systems need to be knowledgeably tested and evaluated.  Realtors and home sellers when agreeing on price, require accurate system information. Purchasers deserve to know exactly what they’re buying.  Our Solar Certainty ™ Program provides peace-of-mind for everyone involved in the transaction.”

For the buyers and sellers of any of the more than 100,000 homes in San Diego who generate their electricity with solar, Baker’s Solar Certainty ™ Program meets a critical need. Baker ensures the listing and/or buyer’s agent have a comprehensive set of inspection data in searchable MLS fields with the appropriate certification documents attached for buyers, appraisers and lenders. Baker also includes estimated electricity consumption information with projected electricity bills.   

With an inspection, the following details are validated in the MLS listing: system owner; date of install; system size; estimated annual electricity production; manufacturer’s and labor warranties; inverter manufacturer, model, quantity and type; and panel manufacturer, model and quantity.

“Traditional home inspection services do not have the expertise or qualifications to evaluate and verify the condition and electricity production of a solar system. This gap in property inspection is a tremendous concern for realtors, sellers and buyers.  Our Solar Certainty ™ Program expertly fills that gap”, continued Teresso.