Smart Watering Assistant

With exclusive features and category-leading technology, Rachio is the only smart watering system that serves as your own personal watering assistant. Get control when you want it, assurance when you don’t - your assistant will handle the details.

Water is expensive.

Because you live in Southern California, you are well aware how valuable (and expensive) water delivered to your home can be.  But did you know that there is a significant energy component embedded in each gallon?  Imagine how far that water has been pumped from the melting snow banks in the Sierra Nevada to the North or the Colorado River to the East, and how much electricity it took to get it to your faucet.

Smart Irrigation


Let’s face it, we live in a desert so homeowners in Southern California are well-acquainted with Irrigation systems.  And they’ve come a long way.

The technology now available in irrigation systems has provided the intelligence to protect your landscaping in some impressive and smart ways:

  • Systems can now be programmed through your mobile device and controlled by you from virtually everywhere. Surprise rain shower and want to turn your sprinklers off?  Out of town and it’s raining in San Diego?
  • Systems now access digital weather information and simply adjust your irrigation schedule duration and frequency accordingly. This intelligence protects your landscaping while conserving water and reducing your water bill.



The Baker Difference

Because water can be considered energy, now and certainly more so in the future. We believe this is important, and the Baker difference in Smart Irrigation.


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