San Diego Smart Thermostat Installation

The next big thing in home energy.

Smart thermostats are quickly becoming the next big thing in home energy.  As the cost of electricity rises, people are increasingly looking for ways to save.  Many people begin by getting a solar system.  Others are unable to go solar.  Both people can benefit from a smart thermostat.

What is a smart thermostat?
Smart thermostats do everything a traditional thermostat does, only much more.  They have the intelligence to control your environment autonomously in a way that saves money.  Think of it like the following.  In the blistering heat of summer your house is unbearable without the air conditioning running.  It is too expensive to run it all day, so you do what most people do; turn the air conditioning on full-blast when they walk in the door, then turn it back off as they leave.  This can happen multiple times throughout the day as family members come and go.  This means the air conditioning is virtually always turned on to its highest fan and lowest temperature setting whenever it is running.  It’s like driving a car by with the gas floored at all times.  This results in a high electricity bill.

Smart thermostats solve this problem by learning your habits and either maintaining a moderate temperature while you are away, or turning off completely then coming back on just prior to your arrival.  This means when you walk in the door, you air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve the temperature you desire.  By learning your habits smart thermostats can learn nobody is home Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  The smart thermostat will power the air conditioning down completely at exactly 9am, then come back on again at 3:30pm.  Coming home early from work and your smart thermostat doesn’t know?  No problem, your mobile phone will let it know automatically so it can prepare the right temperature.

Baker Electric Home Energy is uniquely qualified to install smart thermostats in San Diego because we’ve doing electrical work here since 1938.  Over 7,000 homeowners have trusted us to come into their home and install systems that save the environment while saving money at the same time.  Smart thermostat installation can be difficult, requiring a knowledge of not only a home’s electrical system, but small areas of drywall repair and the technical ability to program the device to your requirements.