Lutron - One of America's First Electronics Companies

The term Smart Home is new to most people, but one American company got its start in 1961 and continues to be a leader today.  The Lutron Electronics story began in New York City in the late ‘50s when company founder, Joel Spira, began working on the world’s first solid-state dimmer switch.  A dimmer switch might not sound like cutting-edge technology, but it was at the time.  Spira’s new dimmer switch was based on the transistor, a device that had only been invented a few years earlier.  With previous dimmer switches, a bulb was dimmed by ‘burning off’ electricity in the form of heat.  Spira’s dimmer ‘interrupted’ power flow to the lamp.  This meant a dimmer switch now fit in a wall box and used much less energy.


Today Lutron holds over 2,700 patents and an array of 15,000 products.



Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting is more than just style.  Lutron’s energy efficiency controls ensure lighting is only on in occupied rooms and dimmed to amount of light needed.  Say goodbye to walking around the house turning off the lights your kids left on.  Some areas of California offer rebates and incentives for using energy efficient lighting systems, such as the Riverside Efficiency Program.

Comfort and Convenience

You have a favorite way of relaxing on the couch – you’ve dialed-in the right spot, TV remote by your side, phone within reach, newspaper tucked between cushions… nothing else feels more like home. Take this to the next level with the comfort and convenience of a custom lighting environment. With the touch of a button, transform your livingroom into your customized lighting and relaxation paradise.

Lutron Shading

People often overlook the sun’s natural ability to not only light a house, but warm it.  Automatic shades reduce the need for electronic light and save energy as a result.  But it isn’t just about saving on your electricity bill, Lutron offers a wide array of beautiful shading solutions to meet the décor of any home.  Cost savings, aesthetics and convenience all in one.  Click here to see smart shade fabric options.