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The Connected Lifestyle

Welcome to an entirely new way to think about energy.

A Baker Connected Home brings together innovative home energy solutions with built-in intelligence. It starts with Solar + a Home Battery and then integrates Heating and Air along with an impressive array of Smart Home solutions. And simple home system control -- anytime, anywhere -- is now just a click away on your smart phone or tablet. Baker partners with the foremost companies in the industry ensuring the products we curate, integrate and install are not only the best, but saves money and is exactly what you need to create the perfect lifestyle for your family.

Lutron - Lighting | Amazon Echo - Voice Controls | Nest - Smart Thermostat | Rachio - Intelligent Irrigation | Garageio - Smart Garage | Chargepoint - EV Car Charger | Samsung - SmartThings Hub

Energy Monitoring

See how energy is being used in your home down to the individual circuit and how your solar and battery system integrate with your lifestyle.

Environmental control

On average, heating and cooling are the largest electrical expense in the home – turn this around with a smart thermostat.

Lighting and automation

Lighting and automation that create the most convenient and comfortable home environment possible, all while saving money.

Video Doorbells & Cameras

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family, keep them protected with a smart surveillance system.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger


Electric vehicle charger installation

In the next few years, 10% of all cars on the road will be electric. An electric car is the perfect addition to a connected home lifestyle.

Imaging filling your tank with the free power of the sun in your own garage.

Baker is a certified electric vehicle charger installer.

The Lutron Lifestyle

The next evolution in human convenience and cost savings. Smart home technology is not new, but recent innovations and a decrease in price have made it an option for any homeowner.

Learn more about Baker's Lutron products and what they can do for you.

Smart Thermostats

If you’ve never experienced the comfort, convenience and cost savings of a smart thermostat, prepare to be amazed. And these devices are actually so much more – they are an entry point into the world of the Smart Home. Smart thermostats replace your existing thermostat to efficiently control your environment to save money on your electricity bill. They also order your groceries, play your favorite song or lock your front door. Click here for San Diego smart thermostat information.

Frequently asked questions

You can start small and add to it later.

In some cases people begin with automated lighting for a single room or a smart thermostat. More smart home devices and services can be added later as you decide which ones fit your lifestyle the best.


Give us a call, it’s common for people to buy smart home devices from the store or get them as a gift only to realize later they need help with installation. We can help.

No, you do not need solar.

The benefit to solar is your smart home devices will help manage and optimize the energy produced by your panels, however, smart home devices will work just fine on utility grid power as well.

Yes, we both sell and install smart home devices.

Baker Electric Home Energy has partnered with the highest quality smart home manufactures in order to receive the highest level of installation training, along with low prices and extended warranties for our customers.


How does it work?

How do smart home systems work?  There are varying degrees of smart homes – anywhere from controlling a few interior lights all the way to a fully integrated whole-home system.  Most homeowners choose something in the middle - a connection of the most critical cost-saving and convenience devices.  In most cases smart home systems can be installed wirelessly, or with minimal wiring – a complete re-wiring of the home’s electric system is never required.  At the center of the smart home collective intelligence is the command center.  The command center is where the homeowner’s set-it-and-forget-it programs are stored, such as thermostat and lighting preferences.  It also listens for instructions from the various switches, buttons, and remote controls placed throughout the house at the homeowner’s convenience.  Once installed, Smart home systems are silent, invisible, and best of all, cost efficient.



Most peoples’ homes are a fragmented collection of appliances, temperature controls, security measures, light bulbs and televisions. Because these devices lack the intelligence to operate with any significant level of autonomy, the homeowner if left managing this dizzying array manually – literally walking around the house turning off lights, opening or shutting window blinds, remembering to adjust the landscape lights for the longer summer days, set the sprinklers according to the city’s regulations, or checking that security cameras are still working. Forgetting to do any of these result in a higher electricity bill at best, but could be more serious such as leaving the house with the stove on.