Share your SDG&E Green Button Data

SDG&E Customers

Why your Green Button Data is important.

Your Green Button Data provides a highly-detailed view of your electrical use broken down by hour or quarter-hour increments. This level of granularity allows Baker to see your exact electrical use patterns and build a custom home energy system around it. Most utility bills that you receive online or by mail contain a general summary of your electrical use on a month by month basis. In some cases, this level of detail is sufficient to design your solar system. But due to upcoming changes in how the utility charges for electricity, a look at your detailed energy use provided by Green Button Data, may be required to determine the best Solar solution.

Step 1: Click the Link and Sign Into Your Account

Click here to sign in to your SDGE account

Step 2: Green Button Connect My Data

Once the Green Button Connect My Data screen loads, click on the green button that says "Enroll in Baker Electric Home Energy"

Step 3: Select Options

  1. Checkmark your meter.
  2. Select "On an on-going basis, with no end date."
  3. Checkmark the "affirm and warrant that I am the customer of record" box.
  4. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Complete Enrollment

On the next page, click the Complete Enrollment button

Step 5: Fill Out Form

Fill out the form using your contact info, making sure the email address you enter here matches the email address Baker has on record.

Step 6: Sign In Again

The SDGE enrollment confirmation screen will load. Enter your SDGE login name and password one last time and hit the green “Grant Permission” button.

Need an alternate method?

Click here for an alternate method for sending us your Green Button Data.