What Your Utility Isn't Telling You

In a few short months Net Metering rules in SCE change forever

This is big.  This matters to you.

Net Metering is the single most important factor in how much money you will save going solar.  It determines how much SCE compensates solar owners for their power.

Recently, Southern California Edison (SCE) fought to change the rules of Net Metering, and won.  The changes take effect in a few months.

People who go solar before the new rules take effect are grandfathered into today's great savings for 20 years.  People who go solar after the deadline will be forced to get less for the power they generate, be subject to fees they have no control over, and mandated onto a complicated Time-Of-Use rate structure.  It's the law.


Zero down and free installation.

Lease - Zero Down

Zero down, free installation.  SunPower maintains the system, you just buy the electricity it generates. Production guaranteed.  Pay the same, low, fixed cost for electricity for the next 20 years.  The lease is transferable if you sell your home in the future.  SunPower is the highest performing solar panel available today holding the current world record for efficiency.

Loan - Any Income Level

The easiest way to go solar.  Replace your expensive SCE bill with a low finance payment and start saving money the day your system is installed.  Baker Electric Solar has multiple finance options to meet nearly anyone’s needs.  And qualify for the ITC.  The application process is easy, we’ve financed literally thousands of systems.  Once your last payment is made, it’s just free electricity.

Purchase - Fastest Payback

Have the cash?  Get the lowest price per kilowatt and fastest payback period by purchasing your system.  You also qualify for the ITC (Investment Tax Credit) which means the government pays for 30% of your system through tax credits.  A typical payback period for a cash system is only 5 years.  Once paid off, you enjoy free electricity for the lifetime of your solar power system which can be another 30 years.

What are the new Net Metering rules?

It helps to first explain the current Net Metering rules.  The way solar works is that when the sun is up, your panels generate more electricity than your house needs.  SCE buys this excess electricity from you in the form of credits.  For every 1 kW of electricity you send to SCE, you get 1 kW of electricity in return to use at night.  This means your electricity during the day comes from your panels; your electricity at night comes from credits – and your electricity bill is virtually eliminated!  People who have already gone solar, or go solar before the deadline in a few months, are grandfathered in for 20 years!

Unfortunately the new Net Metering rules change everything.  SCE has a new complex system of breaking the day down into time periods.  The 1 kW of electricity generated during the day will only get you a little over half a credit to use at night.  You will get a bill for the difference.  You will also be subject to new fees including one that pays other people’s electricity bills!

When do the rules change?  When solar accounts for 5% of SCE’s peak demand, or July of 2017, whichever comes first.  This means you only have a few months to get installed before the deadline.

It’s critical that you know: you must be INSTALLED before the deadline, not just have a signed contract.

Why is the solar industry keeping this a secret?

Because being honest about Net Metering will hurt future business. This already happened in San Diego last year.  The new Net Metering rules mean longer payback periods and higher finance payments for people who miss the deadline.  In many cases solar will no longer a viable option.