2019 is the Final Year for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit!

2019 is the last year for the 30% Investment Tax Credit.  This is the program where the government pays for 30% of your system in the form of a dollar-per-dollar tax credit.  Don’t get caught up in the end-of-year rush for the tax credit, contact Baker to find out how to secure your credit.  Don’t let this opportunity slip!


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Our solar system customers say it best.



Roof Technology

Roof mounting is equally important as any other component of a solar system. Many contractors get away with cheap roof mounts because customers don’t know what to ask. Ask questions. Accept only the industry leader in 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof mounts.

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Advanced Technology

The latest in advanced technology is not reserved for space stations and laboratories, it is available for your home as well. High-tech solar can give you a shorter payback period and longer-lasting panels.


High Efficiency

High efficiency means more power in a smaller panel. And a faster return on investment.



High-purity silicon photovoltaic cells, conductive metals and framing materials.


25 Year Warranty

New technology means maximum reliability which translates into longer warranties.

How to choose a solar power company

There are literally hundreds of solar power contractors throughout Southern California, how to pick which one is right for you? It’s an important question to ask because the differences between these companies vary dramatically. It can be the difference between a safe and secure investment that you enjoy for many years to come, or a system that never delivers on what was promised.

Advanced Engineering

Baker uses cutting-edge Aurora software for simulation and prediction modeling. Aurora's irradiance engine provides solar access values, including LIDAR (light detection and ranging) standard on all solar system designs. Baker is able to build a consumption profile for every customer that extrapolates accurate electric consumption estimates based on electricity bills and location.

As a San Diego solar power company with over 10,000 installations, this not only puts us among the top solar installers in all of California, but among the world’s largest and have been on fastest-growing company lists many times.  Other solar installers have come and gone over the years, but our legacy dates back to 1938 when our founder, LeRoy Baker created Baker Electric right here in San Diego County.  The Baker family has been serving the electricity needs of homeowners ever since, and has expanded into being an installer for investor-owned utilities such as San Diego Gas & Electric and others.  Although utility-scale solar projects and the PV solar systems that go on homeowner’s rooftops seem miles apart, the reality is they are both intended to reduce energy costs and reduce the need for fossil fuels.  This gives us a breadth of experience almost untouched in the solar industry.  To say we are qualified to install residential and commercial solar panel systems in San Diego is an understatement.


Not only is Baker the most qualified San Diego solar company, but we are experts in getting homeowners every available solar energy tax credit and incentive.  Even though the California solar initiative is gone, the solar investment tax credit is alive and well.  Homes across Southern California are going solar for much less than they ever imagined.


Beware of master dealers or solar companies only offering a solar lease or power purchase agreements with no finance or cash options.  Unfortunately these companies are unable to show you everything available in the market.  Master dealers can only sell on brand.  Solar lease and power purchase agreement (PPA) contractors are unable to show you the cost savings of financing instead.  This does not make them unscrupulous solar contractors, but they do limit the homeowner’s renewable energy options.


If you are considering which San Diego solar power company to use as your panel installer, we would love the opportunity to show just how good we are.

Energy Insights

Solar power, energy storage, and related information critical to making an educated decision.



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