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Roof Technology

Roof mounting is equally important as any other component of a solar system. Many contractors get away with cheap roof mounts because customers don’t know what to ask. Ask questions. Accept only the industry leader in 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof mounts.

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Advanced Technology

The latest in advanced technology is not reserved for space stations and laboratories, it is available for your home as well. High-tech solar can give you a shorter payback period and longer-lasting panels.


High Efficiency

High efficiency means more power in a smaller panel. And a faster return on investment.



High-purity silicon photovoltaic cells, conductive metals and framing materials.


25 Year Warranty

New technology means maximum reliability which translates into longer warranties.

How to choose a solar power company

There are literally hundreds of solar power contractors throughout Southern California, how to pick which one is right for you? It’s an important question to ask because the differences between these companies vary dramatically. It can be the difference between a safe and secure investment that you enjoy for many years to come, or a system that never delivers on what was promised.

Advanced Engineering

Baker uses cutting-edge Aurora software for simulation and prediction modeling. Aurora's irradiance engine provides solar access values, including LIDAR (light detection and ranging) standard on all solar system designs. Baker is able to build a consumption profile for every customer that extrapolates accurate electric consumption estimates based on electricity bills and location.

Pool Solar Heating Panels

Baker Electric Home Energy now designs and installs pool thermal systems.  Baker has partnered with the leading pool solar manufacturers to deliver the same level of quality products and services you have come to expect from their line of photovoltaics.  New installation, repair, or make room for electric solar, we do it all.

Energy Insights

Solar power, energy storage, and related information critical to making an educated decision.



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