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Advanced Technology

The latest in advanced technology is not reserved for space stations and laboratories, it is available for your customers as well. High-tech solar can give them a shorter payback period and longer-lasting panels.


High Efficiency

High efficiency means more power in a smaller panel. And a faster return on investment.



High-purity silicon photovoltaic cells, conductive metals and framing materials.


25 Year Warranty

New technology means maximum reliability which translates into longer warranties.

Roof Technology

Roof mounting is equally important as any other component of a solar system. Many contractors get away with cheap roof mounts because customers don’t know what to ask. Ask questions. Accept only the industry leader in 100% code-compliant, watertight solar roof mounts.

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"Just had our solar panels installed and couldn't be happier with the service we received." - Yolanda D., San Diego

"The Baker team was exceptionally professional, prompt and efficient in all phases of the project." - James M., Poway

"This company is top-notch. The people I dealt with were extremely knowledgeable, thorough and skilled in all the work they did." - Raymond P., El Cajon

LG Chem Home Battery

Baker Electric Home Energy has parnered with one of the most trusted brands in technology to bring home batteries into people's homes.  Backup power, time-of-use shifting and arbitrage, or self-consumption, this battery does it all.  The LG Chem Resu comes with one of the longest warranties in the industry.