The Tillotson Residential Story

The Real Story: 

Steve and Amy didn't know much about solar in the beginning of their journey. They interviewed several solar companies and decided to go with Baker because of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. 

The temperatures in El Cajon can be pretty high, and consequently so can the electric bills of those who live there. Solar is a no-brainer because it allows homeowners the energy independence to use electricity the way that they want to, without having to worry about receiving a crazy electric bill at the end of every month. 

Steve and Amy appreciated that our staff took the time to answer all of the questions they had about the process of going solar. Switching to solar can seem like an intimidating task, but one of our expert solar energy consultants will be there to walk you through every step of the way. Baker handles all of the permitting and inspections, so you won't have to worry about the headache. 

Electric bill before solar


Electric bill after solar


In Their Own Words

"Living out here in East County, the temperatures can be in the mid-70s to over 100. We didn't know a lot about solar. Speaking with our solar consultant, he was there to answer any of our questions that we had. He was always there when we needed him. I think the fact that Baker does go in-house with their employees - everyone is very professional, very polite and they're on budget. We couldn't have gone with a better company!"

Installation Details

Solar Panels Chosen: 
System Size: 
5.9 kW (kilowatts)
Number of Panels: 
Inverter(s) Used: 
SunPower PVI-6000
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