The Shuster Residential Story

The Real Story: 

The Shusters have known the Baker family for years. They chose Baker Electric Home Energy because of our integrity and great service. When Bob and Arlene decided they wanted to go solar, they called Baker first thing. The thought never occurred to them that we wouldn't do the job as promised, and they weren't surprised when the process of going solar with us turned out exactly as they expected.

Bob and Arlene couldn't be happier with the system we custom-designed for them. They love that they can run their AC all summer without having to worry about getting a hefty bill at the end of every month. They have a flat foam roof, so they knew they couldn't go solar with a company that only sells cookie-cutter systems. That's another reason they turned to Baker. They wanted to job done right so they wouldn't have to worry about their roof or their system years down the line. 

Electric bill before solar


Electric bill after solar


In Their Own Words

"We've known the Baker family for many years. We're both pioneer families here in Escondido. We chose them because of the integrity of their family. They were first-class. We know what good service means to the customer - Baker Electric is the epitome of that good service. It's the best experience we could have ever had. We're very pleased."

Installation Details

Solar Panels Chosen: 
System Size: 
5.1 kW (kilowatts)
Number of Panels: 
Inverter(s) Used: 
LG 285
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