The Le Residential Story

The Real Story: 

Minh wanted to do his part in helping the environment but also wanted to help his wallet. He decided a prepaid lease was the best choice for his family, and has been enjoying a low electric bill ever since!

The Le family cares about doing their part to take care of the planet. Minh wants to leave a green legacy for his two kids, and going solar is a big part of that. He and his wife want to set a good example to their children about the importance of taking care of the earth, and one way to do that is by reducing their reliance on harmful fossil fuels by powering their home with renewable energy from the sun. 
But that's not the only reason Minh and his wife decided to go solar. Like most San Diegans, they were also looking for a way to save money on their electric bill. There are a number of ways to do this, like living without AC in the heat of the summer and never turning on the lights. But there's a better way. Solar power allows the Le family the energy freedom to live the lifestyle they want without having to worry about an electric bill that will break the bank. They worked with one of our expert solar energy consultants and decided that the prepaid lease was the best choice for their family. Their estimated ROI is six to seven years and they love that their lease has allowed them to lock in their utility rates. 

Electric bill before solar


Electric bill after solar


In Their Own Words

"We went with solar because we wanted to be environmentally sound, but ultimately it came down to financially sensible. And the prepaid lease was really the best option... We had no headaches, no stress to worry about. If you're thinking about going solar, now is a good time. Our electric bill is zero, and you can't beat that!"

Installation Details

Solar Panels Chosen: 
System Size: 
3.9 kW (kilowatts)
Number of Panels: 
Inverter(s) Used: 
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