The Grangetto Residential Story

The Real Story: 

The Grangetto family decided to go solar because they wanted the freedom to be able to run their AC and use electricity without having to worry about receiving a high electric bill at the end of every month. But they were worried going solar would be too much of a hassle. That was until they found Baker. Kevin really appreciated that the whole process was simplified so that he could understand each step and what to expect next. The Grangettos were expecting going solar to be a major headache. They were pleasantly surprised that everything went as smoothly as we said it would. 

The Grangettos live in Escondido where it can get pretty hot in the summer. Anyone who has AC can run it all summer. But without solar, that'll mean only one thing - a ridiculous electric bill. The Grangettos chose a different route. They wanted to be able to use energy the way they want to, but because they have solar, that won't have to worry about how much it's going to cost them. 

Electric bill before solar


Electric bill after solar


In Their Own Words

"They were able to get everything in, on the roof, hooked up and done in a matter of three days. And it was really easy for my wife and I to work with them. You just don't want a lot of these challenges to be affecting the way that you do your life, and when they got in and out of here, it was excellent. It was easy. It's just the way they told me it would be." 

Installation Details

Solar Panels Chosen: 
System Size: 
7.28 kW (kilowatts)
Number of Panels: 
Inverter(s) Used: 
Enphase M215
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