30 Point Inspection/Checklist and Tune Up:


* The 30 Point Inspection described is free of charge.  New filters, freon or any required repairs will be provided at our standard rates.


  1. System review with the homeowner, turn on system at the thermostat
  2. Review current operation of the furnace with homeowner. Perform a complete operations sequence check. Determine and clarify customer concerns and/or issues with the furnace
  3. Check and record the temperature rise between the return air and the supply air
  4. Visual Inspection of furnace and filter
  5. Replace filter (provided by customer)
  6. Inspect Gas Lines and Connections at Furnace for leaks
  7. Check High Limit Control
  8. Inspect Burner Ignition System and Assembly
  9. Inspect Gas Burners
  10. Check and Adjust Manifold Gas Pressure
  11. Check Temperature Rise Across Heat Exchanger for Overheating
  12. Visual Inspection of flame: coloring, shape, and direction
  13. Inspect Heat Exchanger for Sooting, Hot-Spots, Corrosion, Cracks, Deformities, and Abnormalities
  14. Inspect Gas Valve for Corrosion, Leaks, and Restriction of Gas Flow and Abnormal Noise
  15. Inspect Furnace wiring assembly for loose connections
  16. Inspect circuit board for abnormalities, burn marks, visually defective components
  17. Inspect Flue and Venting for Obstructions or Leaks
  18. Inspect Electrical Circuit to Furnace. Test all electrical/Safety Circuits/Controls for Proper Operation
  19. Inspect entire Furnace for Loose or Worn Parts and Abnormal Vibrations
  20. Test and Adjust furnace for Peak Operating Efficiency
  21. Check Carbon Monoxide Emission Level
  22. Check, Calibrate, Optimize and Clock the input flow of Gas to the furnace
  23. Measure and record amperage draw of the electrical for the blower motor
  24. Perform Mega-OHMS test on air handler motor
  25. Perform Micro-Farad test on the run-capacitors. Perform visual inspection for leakage and rust
  26. Remove, inspect, and clean the blower motor assembly- lubricate as needed
  27. Check and inspect the condition of the Evaporator coil
  28. Check and inspect the condensate drain line for proper operation
  29. Inspect accessible ducting system in the attic or basement. Check connections, record condition, verify integrity and cleanliness
  30. Verify and record the calibration of thermostat (digital or analogue)