San Diego Solar Day 2016

san diego solar day photo of palm trees and sun


June 18, 2022


San Diego County

Baker Electric Solar has teamed up with CleanTech San Diego to form the first ever San Diego Solar Day! The City of San Diego has pronounced June 18th the official San Diego Solar Day— a day of public awareness that will celebrate a shared vision around the power of solar energy to promote healthy lives, create a healthy economy, and sustain a healthy planet! 

This year, to kick things off, we're asking the public to help the City of San Diego spread the word by sharing photos featuring #SDSolarDay that showoff the raw beauty and joy of life in the San Diego sun on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. 

Here are some photo ideas to get you inspired (don't forget to tag it with #SDSolarDay!):
-San Diego sunrises and sunsets 
-Outdoor activities and sightseeing attractions 
-Beach life 
-Gardens and landscaping 
-Sustainable architecture 
-And the list goes as creative as you'd like!