Why Select Baker?

Any electrician can install an Electric Vehicle Charger.  At first glance the basic device simply looks like a plug. But Baker Electric Home Energy delivers a significantly different approach to Residential Electric Vehicle Charging - a Whole House Integration consultation, customized to your unique home environment and lifestyle.

Driving to a Better Future

ChargePoint operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Their mission is to get everyone behind the wheel of an EV, and provide them a place to charge wherever they go. As their network grows, it makes it easier for people to adopt EVs and driving an EV makes even more sense.

The Installation Process


First, Baker will never quote an EV Charging installation without first knowing the nuances of your home property as well as of your Electrical Vehicle use. If you went Solar with us we will still have the appropriate pictures from your Solar install, but in many cases we will still perform a new site visit. This will ensure that the charging station is positioned in the appropriate location within your garage and that we are proposing the correct technology to meet your needs. 

Our consultative process also includes an analysis of the extra electricity needed to power your new vehicle given your projected use, and the most economical means in which to do so.  This involves a review of your current electrical usage with and without the new vehicle, a review of appropriate utility rate schedules available including ever-evolving Time Of Use rate structures, and a corresponding recommendation if any change may be worthwhile.

Our review will also include an analysis of your home electrical system to ensure that the delivery of this electrical power can be performed safely given your current service panel capacity and wiring configuration. This can only be done by taking into consideration the other electrical loads being drawn through that panel.  Baker will always apply for and receive the proper permits required for the installation.

And of course Baker’s Whole House Integration approach involves consideration of the capabilities of your Solar generation, any Energy Storage, and Smart Home systems in your home as well.  The project is not considered complete until you are educated as to how every device interacts, and you understand how best to operate your Electric Vehicle Charger through your favorite mobile device.




The Baker Difference

We believe this comprehensive approach is important, and the Baker difference in Residential Electric Vehicle Charging.


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