How Does Commercial Solar Work?

It starts with a solar assessment

The first step in switching to solar power with a commercial solar panel installation on your property is to obtain a free Baker Electric Home Energy assessment. Baker Electric Home Energy is ranked among the best solar companies in San Diego and we’re ready to schedule a visit from one of our expert Solar Energy Consultants, who will conduct your assessment, including a complete energy analysis at your earliest convenience. We are here to answer all of your questions to the best of our knowledge and your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding all of your needs for commercial solar in San Diego. 


The commercial solar project process

At Baker Electric Home Energy, we make the installation process of commercial solar in San Diego as easy as possible. From the initial consultation through to ownership, our five simple steps will help you gain and maintain the customized solar energy system that suits needs for commercial solar in San Diego. 


1. Consultation

We start by getting to know you, your facility and your power needs by asking a number of questions. We’ll use the information to determine the custom commercial solar energy system that will be best for you. No cookie-cutter solutions, ever...

Here are some examples of the questions we’ll ask:

  • What is your electricity usage history?
  • What are your energy goals?
  • Do you expect changes in your energy use in the future?

We’ll also perform a location survey to analyze your site, roof space and orientation to the sun to choose the ensure a seamless solar installation in San Diego. 


2. Design & customization

Based on our in-depth consultation, our solar experts will custom design and engineer a commercial solar energy system to meet your unique needs and requirements. They’ll also discuss pricing and financing options with you and let you know what to expect next in the process of installing commercial solar in San Diego. 


3. Financing

One of our Solar Energy Consultants will walk you through how much your commercial solar panels will cost. For businesses without the means to make a cash purchase on their investment, Property Assessed Clean  Energy (PACE) financing represents an option. PACE financing is a loan alternative that makes renewable energy upgrades or commercial solar panel installations more attainable for businesses by spreading costs over an extended period of time.


4. Installation

Our experienced team of licensed contractors will perform a professional and clean installation, including the two-way connection between your commercial solar panels and your local utility company. Our experts know everything about solar installation in San Diego and other Southern California cities. 


5. Maintenance

Our commercial solar power systems are simple, yet durable, and a piece of cake to maintain. All of our systems carry product and workmanship warranties, and you can trust that Baker Electric Home Energy will be available to service your system, should you need it. Breathe easy, because you have installed solar with one of the best San Diego solar companies. 


Did we mention we’re the best at what we do?

Baker Solar Electric is Southern California’s premier commercial solar company. With over a decade of experience in solar installation in San Diego and Southern California for thousands of homes, businesses, government facilities and utilities, we know how to help you improve your business’s energy efficiency. We’ve contracted and built solar power systems for companies large and small, and we take great pride in delivering the best solar panels and installation services. We guarantee our workmanship will keep your system performing the way it should for decades to come.


So Cal Companies Putting Solar To Work 

We’ve worked to bring commercial solar in San Diego to hundreds of other companies across Southern California. Solar works for businesses and nonprofits as protection from rising electric rates and by delivering energy independence. The long-term savings from the 350 kW (kilowatt) rooftop solar system we installed at the San Diego Food Bank allows them to provide an additional 600,000 meals annually! Switching to solar can save a company thousands of dollars on their electric bill, allowing them to invest that money back into their business to keep on doing what it is they do best. So Cal Companies Putting Solar To Work with the best commercial solar in San Diego. 


Governments and Municipalities Going Solar 

We’ve worked with governments and municipalities who’ve switched to solar to save thousands on their electric bills. One such project was at the United States Marine Corps Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) in Twentynine Palms, CA, where we installed 1.5 MW (megawatts) of solar to power their facility. 


Utility-Scale Solar Projects

Baker has installed over 1 GW (gigawatt) of solar through utility-scale, commercial and residential installations. Most of that number comes from utility-scale projects across not only Southern California, but the entire United States. 


Schools Going Solar

We’ve worked with a large number of schools on solar installations in San Diego and across Southern California -- from colleges and universities to high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is able to provide complete installation to existing facilities as well as design-build support to determine the specific needs for all sizes and types of solar installations. Switching to solar serves as a green legacy through which schools can educate the next generation about renewable energy and what it means to care for the environment.