Government & Municipalities

Baker has a long-standing history of satisfied customers in the Government and Municipalities project arenas and is a recognized leader for solar in California. We can install both roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar arrays, as well as systems integrated into different applications, such as parking canopies. The majority of our Government and Municipalities projects have been completed on a Design-Build basis.

Why Solar?

Solar energy isn’t just good for the environment, it also lowers utility costs. At Baker Home Energy, we design custom solar systems to meet your site’s unique needs.

In December of 2015, San Diego approved the adoption of one of the country’s most ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions. The goal is to achieve 100 percent renewable electricity use by 2035 city-wide. The City Council unanimously approved this plan, which requires annual emissions to be cut in half during the next two decades. If the city doesn’t meet its mandate of reaching 100 percent renewable electricity by the deadline, then environmental groups and even the state attorney general could file lawsuits to force elected officials to comply.

San Diego is taking cutting carbon emissions very seriously, as is the rest of California. The state has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, which includes increasing renewable electricity production by 50 percent. The state has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, which includes increasing renewable electricity production by 50 percent.

Steps To Going Solar With Baker

At Baker Home Energy, we make the solar panel installation process as simple as possible. From the initial consultation through ownership, our five simple steps will help you gain and maintain the solar energy system that best fits your site’s needs.

1. Consultation

First, we get to know you and your facility better, and your power needs by assessing the following areas to determine which custom solar energy system will be best for you:

  • What is your electricity usage history?
  • What are your energy goals?
  • Do you expect changes in your energy use in the future?

Then we’ll perform a location survey to analyze your facility site, roof space, and orientation to the sun.

2. Design & Customization

Based on our thorough consultation, our solar experts will custom design and engineer a solar energy system to meet your specific needs, discuss pricing and financing with you and what to expect next.

3. Financing

One of our solar energy consultants will guide you through how much your solar panels will cost, and help you decide which of our solar financing options best meets your needs.

4. Installation

Our experienced team of licensed contractors will perform a professional and clean installation, including the two-way connection between your solar system and your local utility company.

5. Maintenance

Our solar power systems are simple, yet durable, and a piece of cake to maintain. All of our systems have product and workmanship warranties, and you can trust that Baker will be around to service your system, should you need it.

Here are some examples of the Government and Municipality projects we’ve completed:

USMC Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Electrical Project and Solar Installation

Location: Twentynine Palms, CA

System Size: 1.5 MW

The Baker team worked with a joint venture of general contractors Straub Construction and Martin Harris Construction. The project included a demolition of existing structures and Design-Build of three military Bachelor Enlisted Quarters. To help meet federal regulations for energy efficiency and to maximize much-needed shade in the desert heat, this construction project incorporated one of the largest California military base solar installations. Baker Electric Home Energy's commercial business installed four separate solar array structures consisting of 4,680 SunPower solar panels. The installation was designed to cover two large parking areas, an amphitheater, and recreational park area.

Desert Regional Medical Center

Location: Palm Springs, CA

System Size: 415 kW

Baker worked in conjunction with the PENTA Building Group to complete a 415 kW carport solar system. The structural steel solar carports cover 176 parking spaces and have 22 shade structures facilitating 22 PV arrays with a PV surface area of approximately 30,586 SF. The PV system consists of 1,694 Solar World panels which are estimated to produce 370 kW of electricity. Every inverter is monitored individually, allowing the integrator to diagnose problems at the module level, which significantly reduces field troubleshooting.

Lancaster Prison

Location: Lancaster, CA

System Size: 2,634 kW

Baker installed the complete 2,634 kW solar PV system for the Lancaster Prison. The PV system has a surface area of approximately 185,250 SF and includes 9,500 MEMC solar panels. The solar field is a part of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)’s “Going Green Initiative” which includes recycling and water conservation projects that are improving energy efficiency in 33 prisons by reducing electricity and natural gas use. The energy saving projects are paid for without the use of state general fund tax dollars and are financed with low- or no-interest loans, such as those from Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding.

Despite high winds and heightened prison security requirements, the project was completed in only eight weeks. This was nearly a 50% reduction from the original construction schedule.

The Lancaster facility is one of five state prisons in Southern California that added a combined 23 MW of solar-generated power in 2012, an initiative was undertaken by SunEdison and the CDCR. These solar projects should result in $55 million in energy cost savings over the next 20 years, according to the CDCR.