Baker Alliance Program

commercial solar baker alliance program
Benefits of the Baker Alliance Program

Baker Electric Home Energy offers businesses a unique partnership program called the Baker Alliance Program. We provide on-site educational events, custom websites and any promotional material needed to make the process as easy as possible for our partners. While each Alliance Program is custom-tailored to fit the individual needs of a company or organization, there is one thing they all have in common– the savings! Each time a member of your company or organization goes solar with Baker, we pay you. That money can be passed along to your employees or invest right back into the company, it's 100% up to you.

It’s not often that any of us get the chance to be a hero. The Baker Electric Alliance Program gives you that opportunity.

We’re so passionate about the benefits of affordable energy from solar panels to our environment, to homeowners and businesses that use them — that we want everyone to have the opportunity to go solar.

You can help make solar a reality for someone else. The Baker Electric Alliance program works with companies and organizations to provide an exceptionally cost-effective way for anyone with whom they are affiliated with — business associates, partners, colleagues, employees, parishioners, volunteers — to purchase a solar system.


An Incentive For Every Business

Here at Baker Electric Home Energy, we want solar energy in San Diego and across Southern California, to thrive. That’s why our Baker Electric Alliance program looks forward to referrals from our customers. Under the "program" companies like yours that install a Baker Electric Home Energy system can be rewarded for their employees’ or business affiliates’ use of solar technology. For every solar system your employee or business associate purchases, we send your company a bonus or gift card. Your company can use the funds however it desires. Reward your company, your employee or associate, or split the money between you. The choice is completely yours to make.

The Baker Electric Alliance Program rewards both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations for their referrals. For-profit enterprises that purchase a solar panel system through Baker Electric Home Energy will receive a gift card for each employee or associate they refer who also installs a Baker Electric Home Energy system. Non-profit organizations, including schools, churches and charitable groups, that work with us to install a solar panel system will receive a bonus for each constituent they refer for installation of a Baker Electric Home Energy system. Solar-empowered constituents will have the option to give all or part of the bonus back to the organization with which they’re affiliated.


A Triple Win

First, we provide your company the opportunity to gain confidence with us. Ask us the hard questions. We know you want the best in your solar system and in systems for your associates, and we’re fully committed to helping you both achieve the power independence you deserve.

Second, the Baker Electric Alliance program makes you a hero to your employees or constituents. Your referral will take the mystery out of which solar providers to trust. You can count on us to be transparent, professional and helpful in all of our dealings with the individuals you refer to us.

Next, we take the time to educate the individuals (or, for that matter, other companies or organizations) you refer on what going solar means and how to get there. Your referrals will know exactly what their financing options are before they take the next step. We even provide on-the-spot VIP pricing opportunities.

The ultimate benefits? With solar energy in San Diego and across Southern California, your company saves money with significantly lowered energy costs, the individuals you refer likewise save on their electricity bills and the environment gets a healthy boost. It’s a win-win-win all around.

Need a quick rundown of the opportunities that participation in the Baker Electric Alliance program offers? Here are the top 10 reasons it pays to go solar, and it pays to share solar:

·       For-profit companies receive a gift card.

·       Non-profit enterprises receive a bonus.

·       All questions answered. Even the tough ones.

·       Full transparency into who we are and how we do things.

·       Alignment with an experienced company you can trust.

·       Fully customized process from design through implementation.

·       Exceptional cost savings for you and your employees.

·       On-the-spot VIP pricing opportunities.

·       Solar energy education.

·       Unlimited green power.


Lead With Smart Initiatives

Organizational leaders carry a large number of responsibilities, perhaps the most important of which is to lead and inspire their employees. Lead by example and demonstrate to your employees your commitment to renewable, eco-friendly energy. Besides the good will you’ll receive by switching to solar, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings, great ROI and unlimited green power to meet your needs now and in the decades to come.

At Baker Electric Home Energy, we understand that everyone has a different budget. When we work with corporate and individual customers alike, we evaluate their energy history and future needs before we recommend a buying or leasing option. Now more than ever, Baker Electric Home Energy and the Baker Electric Alliance program make solar energy a great investment on any budget with no money out of pocket and easy purchase or leasing opportunities. As always, we’ll handle a solar panel system installation The Baker Way from start to finish with integrity, transparency and professionalism.


Our Community Commitment

Baker Electric Home Energy has led the way in bringing less costly, environmentally-friendly solar energy systems to private homes and commercial enterprises throughout Southern California and beyond. We’ve served as an active member of the California Solar Energy Industries Association for many years and share the organization’s commitment to promoting solar energy and expanding the use of solar technology across the SoCal region.

We also think it’s important to lead by example. Since 2009, our Escondido-based corporate headquarters has been powered by an 85 kW rooftop solar panel installation. Our system reduces CO2 emissions by 12.9 tons each year. Over 25 years, that’s the equivalent of planting 41.3 acres of trees.

The Baker Way extends beyond our exceptional customer service to our equally impressive commitment to community service. Baker Electric Home Energy proudly partners with dozens of local and national non-profit organizations through donations, sponsorships and volunteerism.


Need More Reasons To Go Solar With Baker Electric Home Energy?


How about experience and quality? Baker Electric Home Energy is a pioneer in commercial and residential solar energy installations in Southern California. Backed by more than 75 years of energy experience, we’ve risen to become the region’s premier solar power system provider. We’re proud to have completed over 1 gigawatt of solar system installations for homes, businesses, government facilities and utilities big and small. Our long list of satisfied customers includes manufacturing and distribution centers; agricultural, healthcare and government/military applications; and higher education and K-12 school installations.

Baker Electric Home Energy uses only the highest quality products in our solar system installations. We’re so confident in the reliability of the products we install that we guarantee them. We were the first to be named a SunPower Elite dealer in San Diego County and are equipped with the most advanced training, products and services available on today’s market. SunPower holds a long reputation of excellence in the solar panel industry. Its panels produce more electricity in less space than other solar solutions. In fact, SunPower solar panels capture more light than any other solar cells on the market and deliver 50% more energy. Our long-standing partnership with SunPower gives us an advantage in solar panel pricing, and we pass those savings along to our customers.

Our customers have a lot of great things to say about The Baker Way of doing business and our attention to detail, superior customer service and unique installation processes for both homes and businesses. We invite you to view comments on Baker Electric Home Energy on Angie’s List (where we’ve won its Superior Service Award), on the Better Business Bureau (where we have an A+ rating and were finalists for its Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics) and our five-star reviews on Yelp.



  • Huge monthly savings on energy
  • Saving the planet through renewable energy
  • A solution that lasts for years


  • Add solar to your list of employee benefits
  • No-pressure, on-site educational seminars
  • Simple, turnkey solution to solar


  • Partner with one of San Diego’s oldest companies
  • Work with a company you can trust
  • Strong organizational affinity