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Protect Your Home’s Greatest Asset

When looking into switching to solar, there’s one vital asset of your home that you must protect. It’s a part of your house that you couldn’t do without, but it often gets overlooked. Wondering what it is? It’s your roof. 
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solar system roof mount
The San Diego Climate Action Plan was adopted in December of 2015 and outlines ways in which the city plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But it doesn’t end there. The plan isn’t just focused on reduction targets; it’s also concerned with strengthening San Diego’s economy and improving quality of life.
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San Diego Climate Action Plan

When a summer storm blew through Lincoln, Vermont, a small town about 31 miles southeast of Burlington, crews from Green Mountain Power worked 14 hours to repair damaged electricity poles and downed wires.

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In San Diego, we hear a lot about residential and commercial solar panels. After all, our city is an emerging powerhouse of national solar energy expertise. Still, there’s a great deal we can learn about solar energy’s rise as a clean and cost-effective alternative to the standard electrical grid. We’ve compiled some interesting statistics for you:

Solar Power Is Red Hot in the Energy Market

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Solar Stats Show Sunny Future

Remember when the coolest thing among all of your back-to-school gear was a solar-powered calculator? Even if math wasn’t your thing, you couldn’t help but be impressed by the new level of futuristic technology.

That was during the mid-1980s, when solar calculators started to become as commonplace in math class as pencils.

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Back to School with Solar-Powered Products

When the University of San Diego installed commercial solar panels on its campus in 2010, it helped set the pace for San Diego’s rise as the nation’s No. 2 solar city. The 5,000 solar panels mounted by the university also set the school on a path to meet its goal of becoming the country’s most sustainable college campus by 2025.

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Why and How of Solar Power for Colleges and Universities

We’ve got our eye on climate change and what can be done about it — and not just because we’re one of the best solar companies in San Diego. We’re concerned citizens, too.

Just like you, we feel the searing heat and search the sky for rainclouds that don’t come. On the news or online, we watch footage of wildfires that come all too often. We hear frequent reports on global warming trends and link the data we’re given to what appears to be happening around us.

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