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Electricity rate structures can get confusing. We get that. With the constant changes and rate hikes, how can you possibly keep track of it all? Well, here’s another change. California’s independently owned utilities (IOUs) are in the process of changing the way electricity is priced from how much you use to how much and when you use it. This is what’s called a “time-of-use” rate structure. 

How Does Time-of-Use Work?

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1995 – it’s the year net energy metering’s (NEM) story began in California. What is NEM? It’s the billing mechanism utilities use for solar customers. For a helpful explainer on the basics of net metering, click here to read our blog “Net Energy Metering – What in the World Is That?”

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Happy New Year! Have you made and kept any resolutions? Did one of those resolutions include reviewing your utility charges and doing something about the ever-increasing rate hikes SDG&E and SCE continue to hit you with? Wait, no one told you your bill was going up again? Surely this can’t be the first you’ve heard of it.
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Sometimes it feels like there’s this whole alphabet soup of solar energy terms. You’ve probably heard some of them thrown around. ITC, TOU, NEM – the list goes on. But what do they even mean? In this blog we’re going to focus on NEM (AKA net energy metering) specifically. It’s our hope that by the end of this article you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what net energy metering actually is and how it works. 

Back to Basics – NEM: A Crash Course

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There’s a lot of information out there about solar energy. You’ve probably heard some of it via radio and TV, the internet and those guys pressuring you to buy in the big box stores. The problem is a lot of the noise is just that – noise. So let’s get to the truth. Then you can make an informed decision about whether solar makes sense for you.

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Have you ever wondered how many hours your kids spend watching TV? Or better yet, how many times have you been lying in bed, trying to remember if you left a light on downstairs? Well, the days of wondering are over. Now there’s an app for that. 
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Utilities’ traditional business models are being challenged as renewable energy gains an increasingly stronger foothold. Consumers’ desire for energy independence is being met as new technologies reinforce that the dream is becoming a reality. The energy storage solutions in the form of lithium ion batteries from Tesla, Sonnen, Mercedes and others, is proof of market demand and that we are indeed on the road to energy independence. 

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