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Michael Chagala
Solar and Energy Storage Marketing

There’s only a few times in a person’s life when something integral to their everyday world gets turned completely upside down.  A disruption to a routine long since accepted as the norm.  A spectacular solution to a problem they didn’t know they had.

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Going solar is a lot like buying a car. You do your research, check out different models, and then ultimately decide on the car that meets your needs and wants. The one you trust won’t break down on the freeway and has a good warranty. You consider reliability, price, performance and pride of ownership.

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solar san diego
February 27, 2017

SDG&E 10.6% Rate Increase

Back in January, we published SDGE Rate Increase Information explaining how San Diego Gas & Electric had just increased their electric rates by what we estimated to be 7%. As it turns out that number was far too conservative... When SDG&E increases rates, you need to know about it.

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SDG&E rate increases

In order to lock in your savings and get grandfathered into the current solar program for 20 years, you need to go solar by mid-April, 2017.

Here’s why:

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SCE net metering

A 7 kilowatt solar system, which is about 20 to 21 panels (assuming 340+ watt panels) on your roof, can save you an estimated $100,000 in energy costs over the span of 20 years.

Here are 5 things you could do with all that savings:

1. Send Your Kids to College

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Baker Electric was founded by Leroy Baker way back in 1938. We’re a fourth generation, family-owned business founded in Escondido, California, where we’ve remained ever since. Here’s our story.

A member of the National Electrical Contractors Association since 1957, we’ve been engineering and installing electrical systems for more than 78 years for a variety of industries in both public and private sectors.

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Why You Need to Understand Time-of-Use Billing.

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