Why Going Solar Is like Buying a Car

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Going solar is a lot like buying a car. You do your research, check out different models, and ultimately decide on the car that feels right to you. The one you trust won’t break down on the freeway and has a good warranty. You consider reliability, price and performance.

There are some car salesmen out there that don’t have a great reputation, and for good reason. They’re pushy and unpleasant. They’ll say anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of solar companies like that as well. They don’t care about your family’s unique energy needs or your budget.

We hope you’ve never dealt with a solar company like that. But chances are you have. Maybe you even know people who went solar and now wish they would have gone with someone else. Sadly, that’s pretty common.

But we’re here to help. At Baker, we don’t push people to sign if solar won’t make sense for them. We only want you to go solar if it’ll actually save you money. 

At Baker Electric Home Energy, it’s our commitment to integrity, quality service and the best products that sets us apart.

That’s why we always…

  • Discuss your needs, budget and dreams for the future. At Baker, our goal is to design, engineer, and install the perfect system that makes sense for the way you live your life while giving you the freedom to use electricity without guilt or worry about cost.
  • Provide great financing options, whether you buy or lease. First, we’ll help you decide whether leasing or buying your solar system is the best option for you. Then, we’ll offer various finance options based on your decision.
  • Keep everything in-house – no subcontracted installations. From design to installation to customer service, we take care of it all so you know who you’re dealing with at all times, with consistent, quality service every step of the way.
  • Exceed industry standards for every installation. Backed by Baker’s workmanship warranty and the guarantees of our carefully selected product partners, everything from the product to the install to the system’s performance is under warranty so you can switch to solar with the confidence and support you deserve.

That’s The Baker Way, and it’s how we’ve done business for over 78 years.


For more information, visit us at bakerhomeenergy.com or give us a call at 877.578.8080.