Introducing the Baker Connected Home: An Entirely New Way to Think About Energy

A Baker Connected Home brings together innovative home energy solutions with built-in intelligence. It starts with Solar + a Home Battery and then integrates Heating and Air along with an impressive array of Smart Home solutions. And simple home system control -- anytime, anywhere -- is now just a click away on your smart phone or tablet. Baker partners with the foremost companies in the industry ensuring the products we curate, integrate and install are not only the best, but save money and are exactly what you need to create the perfect lifestyle for your family.

and Air
Video Doorbells
& Cameras
Solar Energy
Electric vehicle

Reasons to Get Connected with Baker

  • Protect your family and control how your home uses energy with just a click on your smartphone or tablet
  • Stop worrying about manually managing all of your appliances and security systems
  • Avoid high electric bills with a connected home that remembers to turn your appliances off, so you don’t have to
  • Get the comfort and convenience you deserve with a home that learns your likes and acts on them
  • Enjoy a living space that customizes your environment to fit your family’s lifestyle with safety and comfort first
  • Conserve water and cut your bills with irrigation systems smart enough to protect your landscaping
  • Go solar and get a tax credit for 30% of the total cost of your solar system. Plus, for a limited time you can take advantage of the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) for a rebate on a home battery for your system as well.



Trust the Company Backed by 80 Years of Proven Success

Baker Electric Home Energy has completed over 8,000 solar power installations in Southern California and offers smart home services to offer customers the most advanced technology for a truly Connected Home. It is backed by its parent company, Baker Electric. Baker Electric is number 5 on Solar Power World’s list of top contractors in the State of California and has been in operation since 1938. Partnering with Baker, you can trust you’ll get a custom solution perfect for your home because they work with multiple solar panel and inverter manufacturers, multiple finance options including lease and cash purchases, and have a proven track record of installing quality systems on any property type.




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