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Baker Electric Solar is the premiere Sunpower Elite Dealer in San DiegoSunPower solar panels are simply the best

SunPower solar panels are just one of the elements that put Baker Electric Home Energy above the rest.

SunPower makes the highest-quality solar panel in the world, designed to stand the test of time with corrosion-resistant frames and tempered front glass. That means that when you go solar The Baker Way, you’re choosing the best quality solar panels on the market, which will ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar experience. Great quality isn't the only benefit of SunPower solar panels in San Diego. SunPower offers flexible financing and leasing options that make solar available for every customer on any budget.

Baker Electric Home Energy has always been ahead of the curve, installing SunPower solar panels for more than a decade. In fact, we were the first to be named a SunPower Elite Dealer in San Diego County among a small group of current SunPower Elite Dealers. Being a SunPower Elite Dealer means we’re equipped with the most advanced training, products and services. The SunPower Elite Dealer title doesn’t come easy; it’s reserved for companies that SunPower recognizes as having exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction, consistent and ongoing design, quality, and service training. SunPower doesn’t put its name on something unless it trusts it 100%. Baker Electric Home Energy is a winner of multiple awards from SunPower. We have a long-standing relationship with SunPower and, as a result, have the assurance that we are receiving the best SunPower solar panel cost — allowing us to pass along savings to our customers. You can trust Baker Electric and SunPower Elite Dealers for all of your solar needs.

As a highly rated SunPower Elite Dealer, Baker Electric Home Energy can assure a smooth solar panel installation on your home. Contact us today if you have any questions about SunPower panels, would like a more in-depth SunPower solar panels review or have questions about residential solar in general.

SunPower panels outperform all other solar panels

Sunpower solar panels on residential rooftopsSunPower solar panels are the industry leader when it comes to efficiency. With a record of up to 24% cell conversion efficiency, SunPower solar panels capture more light than any other solar cells on the market and deliver up to 70% more energy. This is due to SunPower’s patented and revolutionary design. By placing the metal contacts on the back of the solar cells rather than the front, SunPower maximized the working surface area of its cells. SunPower also uses a patented treatment on the cells’ monocrystalline silicon wafers. Put together, these innovations result in more sunlight captured and a more efficient light-into-energy conversion. A lot of other brands manufacture polycrystalline or “multicrystalline” panels versus the more efficient monocrystalline panels made by all of the manufactures with which Baker Electric Home Energy partners. Monocrystalline solar panels are what we carry at Baker Electric Home Energy because they’re the most efficient panels on the market since they’re made out of the highest-grade silicon. When looking into solar panels in San Diego, always make sure you find out if they’re polycrystalline or monocrystalline panels so you know what you’re paying for.

Only SunPower offers homeowners a complete, end-to-end solar energy solution that delivers the industry’s highest energy production.

Because SunPower solar panels are so efficient and require significantly less roof space, customers can expect to use fewer of them (compared to conventional solar panels) to produce the same amount of power. SunPower solar panels not only require less roof space, but they’re also designed to stand the test of time and feature corrosion-resistant frames and tempered front glass.

What does it mean to be a SunPower Elite Dealer?

SunPower Elite Dealers thrive in areas that others cannot. Here are just a few examples of what we can offer that many of our competitors can’t when it comes to SunPower:

SunPower solar panels in stock: Many solar companies don’t have the ability to maintain an inventory of expensive product like solar panels, let alone an inventory of SunPower panels. But at Baker Electric Home Energy, we do have that ability and maintain an inventory of thousands of SunPower modules. Having so many panels on hand means that they’re ready to go to their new homes as soon as possible. Other solar companies may have to wait to get their hands on even a few dozen SunPower 345 panels.

Vast product knowledge: Our solar consultants have been designing solar systems using SunPower technology for years. They are experts in SunPower products and design custom solar solutions for every customer. Their familiarity with SunPower technology allows them to design the perfect system – not too big, not too small.

Consistent quality: To obtain SunPower Elite Dealer status is no easy feat. We’ve not only achieved status as a SunPower Elite Dealer, but we also maintain that status. Baker Electric Home Energy staff has completed SunPower Advanced Training to ensure we consistently achieve exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction. Plus, we’ve been required to exceed a stringent set of performance standards for design and quality.

SunPower Solar Panels Review: Why are SunPower solar panels the best?

With our commitment to the best materials and the best service, it’s no wonder Baker Electric Home Energy became the first SunPower Elite Dealer in San Diego. As a highly rated SunPower Elite Dealer, we can assure a smooth, high-quality solar panel installation on your home. Click or call us today if you have any questions about SunPower panels, would like a more in-depth SunPower solar panels review or have questions about residential solar in general.