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Aerus® Air Scrubber with ActivePure technology - the only purifier certified for NASA astronauts. ($1,754 value)*

  • Attaches directly to your HVAC system ductwork or as a standalone unit.
  • Removes surface contaminants, pet dander, odors, dust and more.
  • Protects against allergy and asthma triggering contaminants.


SolarEdge EV Charging Single Phase Inverter with Smart Management technology ($1,100 value)*

  • Optimized installation with HD-Wave technology and EV Charger
  • Level 2 EV Charger (32 amp capacity)
  • 25 foot Cord
  • Smart Phone App


Baker Smart Home Energy Control Package ($1250 value)*

  • 1 Control4 CA-1 Controller
  • 2 Door/ Window Sensors (NCZ-3011)
  • 1 Nest E Wireless Thermostat
  • 1 Year of Control4 4Sight license to enable remote device connectivity
  • Standard Installation and Programming.


*The Year-End Holiday Special is subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer only applies to new solar system purchases minimum 5 kW size with contract signed by 12/31/2018. Offer applies to first 100 customers only. The Aerus Air Scrubber and HVAC tune up will be installed / performed 30 days after the solar system is energized and paid for in full. If the integrated SolarEdge EV Charger is chosen, it will be permitted and installed as per timelines for a standard solar project. Only applicable to upgrade SolarEdge SE3800H-US or SE7600H-US to the EV Charging version of the same inverter to include the Integrated Level 2 EV charger with solar boost mode charging (grid & PV), 25 foot EV charger cable and holder included. The promotion includes standard installation within 10 feet of the main service panel and the associated permit. Does not include additional expenses which may be incurred to switch a previous design to above mentioned applicable inverters , nor costs associated with upgrading your main service panel that may be required by an associated load calculation. If the Smart Home Energy Control Package is chosen, it will be installed 30 days after the solar system is energized and paid for in full. Products within this offer include standard installation and programming. Extra network or wireless range equipment may be required in some homes. Terms and conditions apply and will be outlined on the Baker Agreement. This offer is non-transferable and redeemable for the promotional products listed only – not the cash value of those products.. © 2018 Baker Electric Solar | CA license # 858088 C-10/C-20/C-46 Baker Electric Home Energy is a trademark of Baker Electric, Inc. and NB Baker Electric, Inc.