Black Friday 2018 Thank You

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For every Solar or Solar + Home Battery sale we’re going to give away all 3 of these.  Total value $4500+   
  1. Free Air Scrubber Ionized Air Cleaner & HVAC tune-up $1729
    • Describe what air scrubber is in one or 2 sentences
  2. Free Battery “Ready” Inverter Upgrade $1800
    • “If and when you decide to add a battery you will be ready…”
  3. Free Curb Consumption and Production Monitor $649
    • Describe what the Curb is in one or 2 sentences
**Installation included
  • $2000 voucher toward a complete HVAC system
  • $500 voucher toward a Control 4 Smart Home System*
  • $1000 voucher toward a home battery

Sending your electrical use is a critical element to accurate pricing information.

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