SGIP Information

A limited-time California rebate program

What does this mean to me?

Home batteries shift control of energy from the utility to the homeowner.  This means being empowered to manage energy in a way that was never before possible.  Take control of how and when your energy is exported to the grid. Keep your family safe and comfortable during a blackout, or even go off-grid completely.  

SGIP is currently closed in SDGE awaiting new funding, but is available in SCE.

What is the SGIP rebate?

The California Public Utility Commission’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides incentive to support homeowner’s adoption of solar home battery systems.

5 Reasons You Need a Battery

  1. Keep your Solar System operational during a power outage.
  2. Provide significant Battery Back-Up during the night and when facing inclement weather.
  3. Mitigate imminent Time of Use (TOU) Rates for Electricity usage.
  4. Maximize your Current Solar System’s Financial Return.
  5. Take advantage of both the Federal Investment Tax Credits and State SGIP refunds for Energy Storage before this special incentive period ends.

What can I do with a battery?

Go Off-grid: Being off-grid is the ultimate expression of energy independence.  Generate and store your own electricity.  Stay physically connected to your utility or completely discontinue service.  Protect your family from the world’s uncertain energy future.  Shield yourself from future rate hikes, changes to Net Metering, or any of the other ways the utility can reach into your pocket.

Backup Power: Keep your family safe and comfortable during a blackout.  Whether it’s a few hours or a few days, batteries are the ideal solution.

Time-of-Use Peak Offsetting: For some utility customers, the cost of electricity changes depending on the time of day.  In most cases, electricity is most expensive during the evening when solar systems are not producing energy.  Time-of-Use Peak Offsetting allows you to buy a battery just large enough to store the electricity necessary to not pull energy from the grid during these expensive “peak” hours.